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[ws_dropcap style=”none” ]A[/ws_dropcap]bout– customize the background of each section to any image or color,
Pages and sections can have drop cap heading like this, standard headings or no headings at all.
Unlimited flex sliders at any width, unlimited tabbed pages, or no tabbed pages

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[ws_dropcap style=”none” ]P[/ws_dropcap]ortfolio– a real filterable portfolio that filters single item as well.
Display your portfolio in parallax or even add scroll animations using the animation generator.
You can have unlimited portfolio items and unlimited categories.

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[ws_dropcap style=”none” ]B[/ws_dropcap]log can have sidebar left or right or be full width
easily set the amount of post you wish to show here, or create a new page for latest posts.
Feature images can be any size you like and posts support video audio etc.

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We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills, thoughts,
and ideas to the table.

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[ws_dropcap style=”none” ]C[/ws_dropcap]ontact  customize google map colors right from the admin
Styles are included for the contact form seven plugin and can also have re captcha.
map marker psd is included and you can upload your own custom marker.

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